New environment-friendly vending machine can provide food for stray cats and dogs

It is estimated that all partners have noticed such a phenomenon that more and more stray cats and dogs appear in cities. For example, there are 150000 stray animals in Istanbul, Türkiye, but few people are willing to provide food and a home for these stray cats and dogs. However, a new type of vending machine has recently appeared on the streets of Istanbul. As long as you put plastic bottles into it, the vending machine will automatically feed these stray cats and dogs.

This is really a great machine for animal lovers who protect stray cats and dogs. This machine was invented by Pugedon, a Türkiye company, who promised that they would not charge the government. Now, many of these vending machines have been put into public places such as streets and parks in Türkiye. As long as someone puts recyclable plastic bottles into them, those stray cats and dogs will have food and water, so that they can survive until someone claims them. In addition, this machine can also advocate people to protect the environment and reduce street garbage.

This kind of machine works so well. If it can be introduced into China soon, it will be praised by everyone.